2Tough2Fail is all about conquering personal and professional challenges. You’ll meet people from all walks of life who share a defining moment in which their lives were changed forever with unexpected and transforming consequences.


An Afghan Refugee's Story


Episode #10

Meet Fahim Safi, an Afghan who was born in a refugee camp in Pakistan. He began his life living in a tent with no electricity and limited supplies of food and water. Fahim and his family were finally able to return to Afghanistan when he was 13. Hear how his odyssey led him to the U.S. and a lifelong commitment to helping refugees worldwide.

Life with a Bipolar Mother


Episode #9

Hear Michelle E. Dickinson’s inspirational story about overcoming the childhood challenges of a bipolar mother. Today, Michelle is a mental health advocate and resilience coach for people of all ages. Her mission: teaching how to manage life’s stresses day by day.

photo: Payton Knudsen

Lightning Cowboy


Episode #8

After lightning struck him in 2005, Texas cowboy Scott Knudsen suffered external burns, internal injuries and the lost much of his memory, including his ability to read and write. But none of those challenges held him back. Today he’s a successful entrepreneur, inspired by his own determination, boundless positivity and eagerness to tell his story to others.

Turning Personal Tragedy into Positive Action


Episode #7

When his 23-year-old son died of an opiate overdose, Jeff Johnston saw himself at a turning point. He used the tragedy to build a positive philosophy he calls Living Undeterred. Jeff describes his credo—and his work to help young adults make constructive choices—in this powerful and emotional episode.

Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History


Episode #6

Robin Bartlett knew in 1968 he would serve in Vietnam. As a 22-year-old platoon leader, he soon saw combat. After being wounded and briefly presumed dead, he made a life-altering decision to chronicle personal accounts about the conflict—including his own story.

WW2 Nazi Hunter Asks, Is History Repeating Itself?


Episode #5

Today, let’s meet Peter Black, former Chief Historian of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) with the US Justice Department. Peter was a part of a team tracking down Nazi war criminals. It’s a look back at a difficult time in history, but more important, a discussion about what’s happening today as hate speech and violence have become the norm in the U.S.

Earthquake: A Survivor's Miraculous Journey


Episode #4

Meet Anaheid Delakian, who survived an earthquake in 1988 that killed roughly 50,000 people in her hometown of Spitak, Armenia. Hear her amazing story of survival and triumph.

Stories of Ukrainian Refugees


Episode #3

Seven years ago, Liliana Masnytka and her family fled Ukraine as Russia annexed the southeastern Crimea region of their homeland. They left everything behind. Now Liliana works as a volunteer to help resettle refugees driven out by the current war in Ukraine. Her heart-rendering stories tell the tremendous challenges these expatriates face.

three beagles

World's Largest Beagle Rescue


Episode #2

The dramatic story of how 3,700 beagles destined for animal testing were rescued from a "puppy mill" by the Humane Society of the United States and hundreds of animal rescue organizations and animal lovers across America.

Surviving Hurricane Ian


Episode #1

Tavi talks to Casey Streeter,
a homeowner and businessman who
survived Hurricane Ian. He has a powerful story
for all of us about resilience, bravery
and defying all odds.


Tavi Fulkerson

Tavi owns The Fulkerson Group, a marketing company based in Michigan, and has always been fascinated with people’s stories. With a background in broadcasting, she has conducted numerous interviews both on air and in her consulting work. If you have a story you’d like to tell, please reach out to Tavi Fulkerson at [email protected]

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